[HELP] APS Dual 150A ESC/APS Transmitter-Receiver Issues

Oh man I’m so happy right now! Now it’s just a couple of electronics laying on the floor, I need to buy/make an enclosure now. The motor spins very fine and I need to focus on the LEDs I want to install. ATTENTION! Check that all wires are plugged in well and cannot get out. I plugged my wires and did not solder them because everything held together, but the Red motor cable slipped and there was a little wobble contact while the motor was running. This caused (of course) heat and the banana plug got hot and black (so the lication (the golden material) oxidized). The rotation of the motor was so strong, that my axle where the motor is mounted tilted and the cable got out.

I’ll send you my build when it’s finished. So what was your problem again? Should I send you some pictures of how I wired up everything?

Lesson learned: It’s better to solder cables

Yeah just send me a pic of how you wired everything. I think I have it right but I don’t have motor mounts yet so I can’t really try turning it on again without wrecking my motors. Once I get them mounted it’ll be safer to turn it on. Glad you got it working!!

Okay I’ll send you a message then. I really thought I fucked my ESC because of this getting hot thing. The motor spun without me pulling the trigger, but it will work fine if I clean the adapter. :head_bandage: I hope your mount will come fast!

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Oh I understand now. So you just pushed the wires into the connectors? Yeah those have to be soldered. The solder not only holds the wires, but also helps conduct current. You wouldn’t be able to pull any current through a non-soldered connection.

I still can’t get it to work. Getting this ESC running is my last barrier to finishing this board! I’m plugged into CH2, and it won’t accept any throttle input and just does the beeping pattern I described at the beginning. What did you change in the software? And how do you have your receiver hooked up? Basically I need everything you have set up to see if anything I’m doing is different. This is so frustrating!

I figured it out. My receiver or transmitter is bad. I have a receiver/transmitter for my RC helicopter, hooked it up to that and it ran like a charm. Of course I can’t drive around with a giant helicopter TX but at least I figured out what was wrong! Gonna have to order a new receiver and see if I can get it working.

I’m happy for you. I’m sorry for not replying, had some struggles with exams and my motor pulley :frowning: Which Remote do you have? I’m using the Alien Remote and the software you mentioned above. The Heli Firmware didn’t work. Most of the Heli ESCs do not have a BEC included, for some reasons. So the Heli Firmware just didn’t power my receiver. I plugged the ESC into Ch2 of the receiver, yes. I’ll finish my build on this weekend and send you some pics then.

It’s the alien remote. The receiver is defective and he sent me a new one. Hopefully I’ll get it soon, I don’t know how long it’ll take to reach me.

Has your motor mount arrived yet?

Sure did, last week

Oh yeah, this looks awesome

Thanks Davey! I’m excited.

I am too! Seems like we’ll finish our builds nearly at the same time :smile:

So Dave, how’s you build going? I finished mine yesterday, but need to do some changes in the breaking section of the ESC. Has your second receiver arrived yet?

Yes, everything’s working normally now. I haven’t gotten much chance to ride however since it’s been so cold

I had a ride about an hour ago. Need to learn driving again haha… It’s not that easy… I’m happy we finished our builds safely. My ESC also works fine now. Where have you put your motor timing degrees? I put mine at 5 and it works fine. Which acceleration mode have you chosen? I took extra soft throttle acceleration for the moment and it’s okay.

I made something like an overkill with using a 430kv motor (on a 6s battery)… Do you know a way to reduce the maximum spinning of the motor via the ESC? Like to set the maximum voltage output?

Haha I have to learn this too. It doesn’t compare to riding a regular longboard at all! Very different sensation. I have my throttle set to soft, I think the thing that helped me the most was setting the throttle curve to exponential. That means the low end is more gradual than the standard linear curve. Give it a try.

As far as the motor, you could try messing with the power % but idk if that’ll just reduce acceleration or your top speed. You’ll have to experiment a bit with that.

For motor timing I have it at 3 which was the stock setting for me. Not sure what that does tbh.

I think I need to try out this exponential thing too. The start power (I think) labels how fast the motor can work. I now have mine at 5 or 10% and the motor powers up slowly. So after plugging the batteries the motor needs half a minute to start, but then works fine. So it neither reduces top speed nor acceleration, just the time the motor needs to power up.

This text explains motor timing degree quite well: https://www.rccaraction.com/its-about-time-how-to-understand-brushless-motor-timing/

That’s why we have the timing on a low setting. To get the maximum power on the beginning, so without the motor spinning to much.

I see, thanks. I’ll be grounded for the next week or so due to cold weather again… ugh. Winter needs to piss off lol.