Help | APS Dual ESC blown | 12s lipo | Dual 6374

Hello esk8 community, I am looking for guidance on the possible cause of my ESC failure. The board was just sitting in my garage while on and I heard a loud pop and it was done. My setup is a dual 6374 moto,r 12s 5ah battery and a APS Dual sensored ESC. Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks,

Please send us some pictures, ideally you should take the heatshrink off… if you heard a pop coming from the board I am pretty sure it will be obvious whats wrong

OK, I was waiting for Bruno to get back from vacation to make sure removing the heatsink and shrink tubing around the ESC wouldn’t hinder any warranty claims I may have.

Oh yeah good point sorry :smiley: Some manufacturers see that as voiding the warranty.

Ya, he gets back tomorrow

Let us know how he deals with this problem… might make for a good review of his customer service and so on :slight_smile:

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Has anyone else had any issues with this?

I dont really know of anyone… but that does not mean a whole lot obviously :smiley:

But I had only good experience with APS… I broke my remote during a crash and they were willing to repair it free of charge even though it was clearly my fault because i fell :smiley:

I contacted Bruno and he offered to fix it free. All I have to do is ship it back. He dominates the customer service with his company.

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