Help building a 8s3p 18650 battery pack

I am building my pack from lg hg2 18650s and plan on doing a 8s3p configuration. I am using a vesc and 270kv motor. I don’t know much about bms’s and would like some advice. Do I need a bms? If so any recomondation, I am on a tight budget. I built a spot welder from a microwave transformer, but I don’t know how I should arrange the batteries. Is a 3 stack down from the board too much? Should I split it into 3 seperate sections and wire them pararell together? How would the BMS work with that?

Thanks for you help in advance.


You need to do a TON more research. There are plenty of threads on bms, and building battery packs. But just to start you off, you have 8 packs of 1s3p wired in series. Good luck researching

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