Help Building a Budget eSk8

Hi there! I am currently on a mission to build an esk8… for 180$

Don’t worry! I already have a longboard, LiPo charger and other miscellaneous items. I’m planning on buying the parts listed below:

Battery - 4000mAh 6S 30C (two in parallel for 8000mAh)

Motor - 63-64 190KV ESC - 70A plane ESC I had laying around

No longer sold on hobbyking?

Controller - Standard RC car controller

Motor Mount - cheap, sold on HK

I need the board to get to my high school. its 11km away and I can only take transit for the first 5-6km

My plan for the future is to upgrade my ESC so i can run 12s and get to school faster, be late less frequently hehe.

Now for my questions (Yes I did do research before asking but i really don’t want to mess this up).

Has anyone used hobbykings motor mount, is it any good?

Since hobbyking doesn’t have it’s “pulley set with belt” in stock

What do you recommend i get (I’m situated in the EU) and from where. I’m looking for the most budget option that isnt complete crap. My last question (for now :stuck_out_tongue: ) Can i run my standard 70mm longboard wheels or do I need 83mm+ flywheels/flywheel clones. I have roughly 80mm clearance under my board, is that enough.

Thank you for reading this, I’m really desperate to make this work first try.

Your motor is fine, I have it and I like it, I’m 75kg. you’ll just need to file a flat spot on the shaft and use Knurled point grub screws GetThis esc ask for 10s version and get 2 5s batteries These trucks or These Bushings from @Alphamail This mount This pulley Here for belt length calculator Wheels Belt Esc case Battery case Everything for 183$ without shipping :scream: The cool part about these parts is that it’s all sold by @dickyho . Send him PM With your questions if everything will work together nicely without any modification.


If i were you i would have waited until i got a bit more money to spend, as $180 is very little… You will then be able to afford a better esc than that crappy 70A fly esc who doesnt even have brakes… I would say about $300 is a minimum If you want a somewhat quality board.

Hey! Thanks for the help it is greatly appreciated :wink:
I have a 3d printer at hand so the cases wont be necessary. I’ve seen people 3d print the gears/mount/pulley system as well so I will try that before purchasing them. (using Nylon (PA))

You could get racerstar motors they are smaller then the keda but are a few bucks cheaper and are sensored.