Help building battery enclosure for 12s4p

Hi everyone,

So after a couple days of having my torque boards battery enclosure with 12s4p battery, this started happening:

Right now the pack is still firmly attached, but I think more is going to break eventually leaving my board unrideable.

I definitely don’t want to get another enclosure from torque boards, so how can I make my own or where else can I purchase an enclosure from?

Thank you

It’s generally the best idea to mount components to the board and just have the enclosure as a cover. This way there is barely and stress on the enclosure mounting points.

are you using washers to distribute the force… i find that i break most of my stuff without them. good luck broku

@psychotiller sounds like u


Yeah, good idea to use adhesive velcro or double sided tape to secure all components to the deck then fasten your enclosure to the deck. If you’re breaking ABS when screwing down your enclosure, you’re tightening it too much and there’s no reason to do that…So stop it :wink:

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:frowning: three of the screws have already gone through, I don’t think I can save this enclosure. I’m pretty motivated now to build my own. Do you recommend using fiberglass, or something else?


Haha @psychotiller makes the best enclosures man can’t remember having ever broken or cracked one of his

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What enclosure do you have? I only use abs, but others have had great success with fiberglass.

Edit -I see you had the TB enclosure. I think he uses ABS but if I had to guess it is thinner than what I use. There’s a huge difference between torquing something down and snugging it. Same in the auto industry. You don’t torque down interior panels either, because they break. If you have a fiberglass enclosure you’ll crack it too if you over tighten. 3d printed? Same thing.

Wait, everything gets mounted to the deck first? I’ve been leaving it in the enclosure then mounting the enclosure to the deck.

Like u said, ive broken some of the mounting holes on the enclosure from too much torque but since learned it just needs to be fastened without it being too tight.

My battery is heavy and doubt velcro or tape would keep it stuck to the deck.

Yeah! It’s a good idea to not have anything rattling around in your enclosure. Receiver wires, Canbus, Even battery wires can come loose or eventually break. There is velcro that could hold you to the ceiling. And 3m adhesive tapes I would trust my life with.

Also, Your deck is the most solid thing on your build. The enclosure is just a cover that is .125 thick.

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Damn I’ve got some work to do then…

Come to think of it if everything’s on the board first it’d make mounting the closure a helluva lot easier.

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