HELP! can't get my e-board to work, vesc won't register transmitter input

hello people of this awsome community

i have bin working on my board for a few days now and i finally overcame a few obstacle’s. But now I have a final problem that i can’t solve myself. the problem is that can’t get my transmitter to power the moter. only when I press the keys on my keyboard the moter spins up. I have watched a lot of video’s on how to configure the ‘‘app configuration’’ tab.( i used to tutorial to configure my vesc but when i move the trigger of my transmitter the green bar won’t move. im using a [my transmitter](http://Quanum 2.4Ghz 3ch Pistol Grip Tx & Rx System) the red light on my receiver turn on when i turn on the transmitter( i think that means it is connected cause i did bind it) if you have any tips i would love to hear them. thanks for reading this

kind regards Ruben

Have you tried all the different channels on the receiver? The vesc may be reading the steering channel, for example.

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i have tried al 3 div channels yes

Post pics on your receiver. Sound like you got pwm wire in the wrong place.

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i made this ghetto servo cable myself because i got the wrong cable with my Vesc. should work tho?

Frick that’s hard to see :smile: but I think the wires are in the wrong place

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Can’t view it on my phone. Up to you if you want to try this. But heres how i connected my aps receiver. White signal. Red + and black is ground

i have it the exact same way. only mine aren’t colour coded

I don’t think you have :smile:

According to @L3chef your signal wire is swapped with te gnd wire

Yep Ten char

And also you are feeding it 3,3v. It needs ~5v

This is the way i connected it al the time. But how do u know the current input is 3.3 V. Elanf how do i change it to 5 V?

Well that’s wrong. Look on the receiver you can see -, +, and the signal symbol(just under the 2,4 ghz at the pin side) Switch ground and signal and you should be ready to go

The servo wires i orderd just arrived. This should be the correct way right? P.s thanks for help i really apriciate it. Your the best

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No that is not correct. Just turn your receiver connector 180 degrees… Zoom in on the receiver so you can see what I typed

Lol im such a dummie. This is a really stupid mistake. I always tought that that the left simbol ( on the receiver)ground was. That where im wrong. I will try it the right way tgis time and i will let u know if it works. Thanks again :grin: