Help! Cant seem to get my new flipsky remote to pair with the FSESC dual 6.6

Hey guys, need some help. Cant seem to get my New flipsky remote to pair with my FSESC 6.6. The motor set up seems to work but when i get to the input set up, i go into the PPM option and the remote doesnt seem to work, am i missing a step or two? This is the first time im programing any VESC, any help would be appriciated! Thanks guys!20190415_194327

Is the remote connected to the receiver?

Is the ppm cable pluged in in the right order?

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That remote is connected via UART. Please read the description

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Ok so i tried that and maybe i am doing something wrong. I had it connected like the diagram shows, and still nothing would happen when i pushed or pulled the scroll wheel. Is there a diffrent way to program it in the vesc tool?

it won’t work with the PPM setting if you are plug-in UART. You need to configure the UART not the PPM.

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Gotcha. Thanks. I will try that tonight and see how it goes. Also does anyone know how i can program my fsesc dual to have one vesc as master and the other as slave? The video that flipsky has on their website shows the proccess as being more intuative then it is with the vest tool. For example in that video after the guy finishes programing one vesc and does the settings for one of his motors, he plugs into the other one and clicks the app settings button and it basicly asks him if he wants to set the other vesc as slave. This does not happen on my vesc tool. Not sure if maybe i have a different version or what is up.

Did you ever get this resolved with ppm?

No, but i did get UART to work, the UART jacks had the orange and green wires reversed once i fixed that it started working like a dream

What did you change in the vesc tool to make the uart work? I’ve changed “App to use” to UART but still no go. Made sure the cabling was correct too. Both UART and ppm don’t work for me. Old receiver works fine so I know it’s not my vesc.

Make sure your wires look exactly like this Screenshot_20190430-213246_Samsung%20Internet

Orange, green, black, red. And the other side green, orange and plugged in exactly like that. After you rogram your motors, the remote is plug and play, doesnt need any programing, but i hear on thsi forum that you can adjust the settings in the nunchuck app

So the motors need to be programmed again afterwards? I didn’t realize that. My wiring is all correct, but hadn’t done that step yet. I’ll give it another go. Cheers.

Make sure the white wire is connectex to your battery also

No no, you have to program motors first, and make sure the renote is unplugged from the UART ports, flipsky website says it will mess with your programming

Had this issues also when i programmed with the remote plugged in, but after i unplugged it and reprogrammed, then plugged the remote in, it worked good

okay, well thats essentially what I’ve done then, also my voltage reading is always blinking, so I think maybe my receiver is dead. (It’s definitely paired)

If its low on battery it will vibrate, is the blue led on the transmiter blinking?

connection led is solid, and is the color of the mode I’ve selected. Remote battery indicator is solid green, and board battery indicator is indicating 1 bar, and it’s blinking, which tells me my board is less than 10% battery, which it isn’t.

Weird. You running the dual fsesc 6.6?

yeah i am .