[Help?] Cheap AT/City Rider Recommendation? Meepo City Rider or similar?

Here’s what I’m looking for: Pneumatic o Rubber, all terrain or city tires for rough roads 10 miles range 20/25mph speed Splash resistance for puddles and wet roads Carrying handle Low maintenance 600/800USD

Background: I’ve been working on my diy esk8 for years now, started in october 2016 as a highschool engineering project, used it a lot in Arizona and it was fine. I now moved to Milan where roads are trash and the weathers is bad pretty often. I’ve been trying to get my board working for the city streets but it rattles itself apart and makes way too much noise. There is so many chinese brands and rebrands I have no clue what is available. Here’s my current setup which I’ll keep as a project board 20190530_154511

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