Help choosing a correct longboard to create ESK8

Hi, I’ve recently gotten the idea to create myself an ESK8 as I’m an electronics student and like the idea to travel through the city of my campus on an electric longboard.

The thing is … I’ve never ridden a longboard before (I’ll check a friends longboard tomorrow). So obviously I have no idea what to look into if I want to buy one. I’ve got about a €500 budget if it comes to the full e-board. I’ve gotten quite the idea of the general stuff I’ll use to build it, except for the board it’self.

What is my best option?

  • Buy cheap (€75) longboard with trucks and wheels from amazon
  • Buy board & trucks & wheels sepperatly
  • Try to find something second handed

I live in the EU btw.

Easiest way is buy cheap deck, calibers and flywheel clones. But if you have some tools you can save nice amount when you buy cheap complete and diy you motor mount and wheel pulley. For example i bought 100e complete and welded motor mount and drilled matching holes to pulley and wheel.

I’ll be doing that for sure, I’ve got a workplace at home with Drillpress, workbench, lathe, grindstone, whatever I’ll need. It’s not justifiable for me to buy those overpriced motor mounts :dizzy_face:

Any ideas on what I should pay attention to regarding trucks and calibers? Brands or links are alright too.

I would not say overpriced. Those mounts are expensive as fuck to produce. I asked from few local stores and they said it would cost over 100e from TB style mounts… ofc it gets cheaper when you order huge pile of them.

Google caliber trucks. But if you weld it you can buy some even worse trucks.

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Hmm, I didn’t know that. Never the less, I can make it myself for basically for free with scrap I’ve got laying around.

Alright, thanks for the suggestion. But weld what? Aren’t most trucks alloy and what is there to weld, I’m not following.

Really? Enertion style ones with carbon fiber cost like 20e

Yep. I would like to build some boards on sale but everything is so expensive here so can’t get any profit.

Most of them are aluminium. Some are titanium and some cheap chinese might be some alloy? Some years ago most of us did weld their mounts to paris trucks.