Help choosing between FSESC and FOCBOX(VESC-X)

I need help figuring out the right ESC to purchase. I will be using this motor which has a max current rating of 45A. The product page suggests to use either the FSESC 6.6 60A or FSESC4.12 50A Which one should I go with? Can I use a FOCBOX(VESC-X) instead? Or is there any other cheaper and reliable alternative? I am not able to find the schematics of the FSESC’s. Can someone link me to it?


any of the three options will work good for this motor. but, don´t run the fsesc 4.12 on 12s with the 220kV version.

besides this just choose what you can afford and/or fit in your enclosure.

Thank You! I am planning to use only a 6S pack. The max current of motor is 45A and max volts is 12S. What will be the continuous current of the motor? Will the max current be the same even if I use just 6S? I am asking this to choose my batteries accordingly. Why am I not able to find the schematics of the FSESC?

6s will work but I would go as min 8s with the 220kV than. You can limit the motor max current when you setup the focbox or vesc, so no need to worry about that.