Help choosing BMS

Currently building my first from scratch build and was wondering what kind of a BMS would be the best for my build. Im gonna use N.E.S.E module for a 12s4p pack with samsung q30 cells and FocBox unity with 6354 190kv motors


This one is very popular at the moment for it’s small form factor and Bestech is well regarded:

I would not suggest that BMS as it seems to lack balancing.

He mentioned charge only

I am pretty sure he wants balancing too. Most people here differentiate BMS into charge only and discharge types but almost all want balancing.

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I’d also advise against one that doesn’t balance

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This one doesn’t balance? What does it do as a bms??

Stop the charge when it reaches the preset value when charging.

edited the post im kinda running low on energy so didnt read what i wrote completely, yes im looking for both charge and discharge bms. Was gonna put that charge only bms prob isnt the best option.

(im shit at typing sry for fuck up)

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ye i kinda typed to fast and didnt read, i meant to get both charge and discharge

Bugger. Might be looking for some BMSs.

That doesn’t look like the one you’re using. It has an integrated switch. Need your exact model

bestech d223v1 80a discharge and integrated eswitch. awesome unit

does all the bms come with the cables?

yup 10char

Add some balancing boards, bestech makes some absolutely tiny ones

I can now recommend a charge and discharge bms. I just overdischarged 2 Lipo cells yesterday due to now low voltage cut off


Thats why I have a lipo alarm on very single pack. If one cell gets too low than others i‘ll get a notification even if not reached the total cut off voltage.

this is why i don’t like charge only. you can’t cut out when theres a faulty cell it just keeps running

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…and annoing peeping all time in my case :rofl:

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