Help choosing motor for Trampa Urban Carver


I have a Trampa Urban Carver board on the way (7 inch wheels) I´m planning to run this board on 10S lipo (Bestech 10S bms on the way) My pulleys is 15 T / 70 T with 15mm belts.

I dont want crazy speed, but i like OK torque with OK range. My weight is 92 kg But i dont know what motors to choose ? From Hobbyking i´m looking at these (Im from EU)

Any help is appreciated Thanks

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6374 is a big sized motor, paired with the 168KV, thats gonna be A LOT of torque.

go the 6374, the longer stator has more torque.

try this page for run out specs.

People seems to like 6374 motors. But i don’t need crazy torque neither crazy speed. I gues i good All round. But maybe 6374 still is the way to go. I know the calc. But user experience and real World testing is sometimes Better.

if you already know what you want dude, go for it. you are heavy though, so i’d get the 74, it wont heat up as much with hills and stuff. but as I said…

Thanks @Cobber :slight_smile: 6374 then :slight_smile: What do you think about the kv`s ?? (10 s) 168kv is a nice sweet spot ?

your electrical system has to all work together, so you need to choose (v)esc and battery voltage together. but 10s is a good compromise. sweet spot? how fast do you want to go, seems like most people like to cruise 20-30kmh so yeah looks good.

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more torque usualy also means less battery drain since your mtoor doesnt need ages to reach the desired speed. go with the 6374! i have one and it has no problem moving my fat 120kg body arround ^^

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Hej, on the hobbyking page it says to use 12S not like on other motors where they give a range. Am I right with the assumption that that is the maximum voltage? thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks guys

I bought the motor mount from “Idea” in this forum, and the biggest motor that will fit is Sk3 6364. So im going to buy Sk3 6364 190kv, so im hoping this is going to do as well.