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Help connecting a voltmeter to my ESC - LingYi ESC/diyeboard v1.1 ESC

Does anybody know of a way to connect a standard 2 wire voltmeter to a Chinese ESC (v1.1) so that the voltmeter turns on with the power button from the ESC?

Here is the voltmeter I bought and here is a link to a post that shows the battery meter connection on the ESC.

The post linked above is part of a thread where the user was trying to figure out the same thing but no one had an answer to whether or not it could be done. I figured since that one is over a year old someone might have found a way. I know I can wire it to the battery leads with a separate on/off switch, or use the antispark as a switch, but I’m trying to avoid that if possible.

Sorry if this has been answered before, I wasnt able to find another thread about it.

if you solder it onto the battery leads, it’ll be “on all the time” (which should be fine if you leave it charging when not in use)