[Help] Connection problem with China Remote and Alien Power Systems (APS) ESC

Hi Everyone,

I’m building an electric longboard and I’m having some problem with my remote and my ESC. I bought my remote on eBay (link below)


I bought an Alien Power Systems kit too (link below)

So, my problem is when a connect everything and turn on the remote, the motor doesn’t rotate and I don’t why. I made a video, so it’s easier to understand what is going on ( https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FrOHOA1T-RSJb-HPdjL2uCQlSaB3-hpf ).

Thank you.

Two questions for you: 1: Do you have the remote and receiver? 2: Did you bind the remote to the receiver?

I can’t watch the video so you’ll need to elaborate please.

Yes for both questions :slightly_smiling_face:

What ESC? I thought the cheap Chinese ESC’s e.g., wowgo, meepo come with a remote pre configured for their setup.

I’m using an Alien Power Systems ESC. I tried the remote with a quadcopter esc and motor and worked fine.

It’s not the remote. The remote is a mini remote used by like the majority of people on this board. The issue is the ESC. I swore their are topics about this with the APS ESC. They have issues binding with other remotes. I swore only the APS remote is the only that binds. Do you have a manual?

The only manual that I have is the one in the website.

Also, have you done motor detection? I can’t see the video either, so I have no idea what you have done.

Is the receiver light blinking or is it solid?

What is motor detection? The ESC software have this part for the motor. My LED is solid, it is paired with the remote and the ESC do some beeps. image

Motor detection is used on the VESC Tool/Ackmaniac , which is obviously not done with the preloaded software on this ESC. Therefore, I am out of the loop on this one. Although, if you search APS ESC, I bet you can find some people that have the same ESC as you do. They will be better off helping you.

I found a video on YouTube, I will try what the guy did.

Didn’t work. I talked with the APS support and I need to send them the Motor, the esc and transmitter. That way they can do their tests and check what is wrong.