Help create a custom 3d printed enclosure for me!

Hello, I need someones help to create a enclosure for me! It has to be able to be printed in one peice if your printer isn’t big enough I can just buy the file from you. Im from EU Sweden

So inner dimensions has to be around 13 x 17,5 x 4,5 CM

With a lip all around plus a concave from the center of the board to the edge its 12cm

The concave starts 8 cm from the edge to the edge and differs 1 cm

Please pm and give me a price

I think my printer can do this in PLA but you will probably need this done in ABS for flexibility and durability. Solid PLA enclosure with a tight fit might just shatter.

Where are you located? thats going to make a huge difference…

Fyi- if you’re just looking for a file, there are tools on thingiverse you can use to generate enclosures based on the dimensions you need. Search for enclosure and filter by ‘customizable’ and there should be plenty of options you can tweak.

If you need the stl files pm me. Merry Christmas