Help deciding on a battery

Hi there! I am currently in the beginnings of building my first DIY e-board and I need some input on a battery decision. I purchased the 34" Loaded Poke deck recently and I have also recently order some in wheel (Carvon) motors and a VESC. I want to use a Enertion Space Cell Pro for my build. I don’t know whether I should buy the battery without a case ( ) or the Space Cell Pro 4 that comes with a case, and has more range ( ). Of course, with the battery with a case, I would have to cut it down slightly to fit in my wheelbase, which would be okay because I am building a mono drive and only using one VESC which will give me that room to trip the case down. The dilemma is in the fact that if I purchase the Space Cell Pro 4, I am stuck using that case. (I don’t think I could transfer the batteries inside it to another case, right?) Anyways, thanks for the read. I’d love to hear you thoughts and opinions on my issue.

Nice thing about using the Carvon hub motors is that you will have extra room for the battery case that you would not have with belt drive setup. I just checked, the Spacecellpro4 holds up to 2 Vescs along with the battery so you can put everything inside the case and it’s only 22.36" long so it should fit.

Thanks for the reply! Sadly though, the Loaded Poke deck has a wheelbase of 20.75", so I would need to trim down the battery case. I would only be using one VESC, so I should be able to do that, right?

You’ll ruin the case trimming it down. Better get the battery only and get a custom case

Thanks for the reply! That is what I’ll be doing :slight_smile: