Help deciding on wheels

Hi guys I’ve been trying to find wheels can handle shitty asphalt and cracks and specially those sidewalks with bricks and bumps… hope you understand what I’m talking about… Should I go for mbs all terrain or abec11 90mm refly’s I’m currently with flywheels clones.

MBS wheels are good if you need traction going over like grass and stuff as an inbetween option. its not going to do anything for riding over bumps.

I’d go with the flywheels, and then if you have the option round over the lips, that will let you tackle bumps and cracks better by coming at them from an angle.

I’ve not messed with flywheel clones, but IME cheap urethane never holds up against the good stuff.


Flywheels 97/107 if you have really tough ground.


Mbs for traction abec11 for comfort. Got it…

The 100mm Boa Constrictor wheels are pretty dope

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They have a kegel like core and I only have flywheels pulley