Help Deciding Parts for a TrampaBuild

I’ve been lingering in the shadows of the community for a while, and finally decided to poke my head out. I’ve done a ton of research into building boards, and have done some mods on a few current ones, so I figured i’d jump right into the deep end. With that in mind, here’s a list of the approximate parts I intend to use this summer for my build. Could you just let me know if I’ve missed anything, or if anything seems dumb? Feel free to speak your mind - i’ll take any and all criticisms/questions.

Bolded items have already been purchased.

ALL ITEMS HAVE BEEN PURCHASED! Just waiting for everything to get shipped, then the build photos will start popping up. Should be getting parts in over the next 2-3 weeks or so. Will keep updating the list with the parts I have.

FOCboxes from @JLabs — $320

Motor mount kit — $150 Seems to fit the board (listed below) - some assembly required. Anyone use this mounting system before? Thoughts?

Wheel Pulley $60.

Motor Pulley $50.

Custom 12s4p — $610, with 5A fast charger, flexible variant. Hopefully will work with Trampaboard.

12s4p Enclosure $150. Will be adding in the rubber gasket, and hopefully bolts.

149kv 6374 Motors — $200 Seem like more than enough power for 140lbs rider right?

Belts — $7 each ($14 total) Might pick up a few spares just in case.

Actual Trampaboard — ~$650 Customizable —Thinking vertigo trucks, 7inch hypa wheels, 15ply HS11 deck

Additional hardware (screwdrivers, loctite, allen key set, wires, etc.) — ~$50 Grub Screws $1 Keys $1 Screws $1 Spacers $1 4mm to 4mm extension $3 PPM Splitter $4

Remote/receiver — ~$30

TSG pass — $160

TSG Pass and mini remote thanks to @JLabs for the group buy and the amazing customer service!

Total price: ~$2000 +/= 10%. This keeps getting higher and higher!

My only additional questions: Should I get better VESC’s? I don’t really want to spend $350 each on VESC6’s from Trampaboard, but are something like FOCboxes really worth it? Are TB VESCs bad? They seem to be pretty decent based on the reviews I’ve seen. Go FOCboxes.

A 12s4p battery seems pretty excessive for the amount of riding I do currently. Do you think it would be wise to downsize to 12s2p and the optional 4A quick charger? Do I even really need a quick charger? Go LiPo’s and make sure to do 12s4p

Does anyone know diyelectricskateboards or trampaboards shipping times to central USA? I can’t find a definitive answer on their websites. 2-4 business days in the US for diyelectricskaateboards — USPS so 7-20 days for Trampaboard

Do these look like quality products that will last a while? I intend to use this for a few years hopefully, and understand that I will probably have to make changes/modifications/replacements as time goes on, but are they good for a bit at least? Primarily they look good after incompatibilities have been removed.

Thanks for taking your time to read this. I really appreciate any feedback you can provide.

Get the 4a charger, you wont regret it.

Typically arrives in 2-4 business days in the US

It goes through customs and passed to USPS so 7-20 days. If trampa offered UPS quantum ship it would be 1-4 days.

As far as ESC look at the Focbox. The motors are fine I use two of the 6374s. I wouldn’t downsize to 12s2p because then you lack amps/power. battery size isn’t so much about the range imo but output power…

Good shout!

I ride to and from work everyday currently with my 10s2p board, and only charge it about once every two weeks because of the voltage sag. I intend to be riding a lot more when this build is complete!

Thanks, DevilzAngelz

Sounds good,

I assumed since DIYElectricSkateboards was US based they would be pretty quick. I also assumed Trampa would take a bit longer. Should be just fine for the summer though.

Thanks, DevilzAngelz

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The battery and enclosure will not work for that deck. You will need a flexible battery and a flexible enclosure, or but a “box” type battery on top of the board. Also, 100% go with FOCBOX’s…


Alright, i’ll begin looking to alternatives. I have already previously looked into Pelican boxes mounted between the bindings, but that seems like I would have to make a custom battery or go with LiPo’s. I looked at dangling a batterybox/esc setup off the back, but 10lbs handing off the back of a board doesn’t sound too fun.

I currently run a DB corelfex Flex 1 that bottoms out to the ground if I jump on it, and I have a rigid enclosure. So far I’ve not had any issues with that one. Would going with a 35 degree longboard from Trampa instead of the HS11 work better? The pictures make it look a bit more flat.

Definitely looking further into FOCboxes. Best place to pick them up is from enertion? If so, do those ship out faster than Raptor 2’s? I’d like to get this done in the summer if at all possible :stuck_out_tongue: Looks like you’re out of stock on your website :frowning: Would I be able to “pre-order” some for the next batch?

Thanks again for the input, it’s greatly appreciated! DevilzAngelz

Cough cough


I already checked! I added two to the cart, but you’re out for ~2 weeks?

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Sorry missed that part! Yeah you can pre order them for the next batch :grinning:

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Looks like i’ll be picking up some some FOCboxes then! Will they just be shipped out shortly after your receive them? Should I lump them into my other orders?

Thanks again!

Yes they will be shipped as soon as I have them in hand. I can ship your helmet separately from the remote and FOCBOX.

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Wow such great customer service!

I’ll send in a THIRD order shortly.

Thanks again for everything.

So after some more thought into this, I’ve noticed a lot of areas for improvements as well as some additional questions. When I initially spoke with someone over at DIYelectricskateboards I asked them about compatibility and they told me multiple times that the 12s4p battery would work with a Trampaboard just fine - no issues (he was wrong)…

First improvement: Getting FOCboxes instead of TB ESCs. Thanks @JLabs again!

Second: The battery appears incompatible with the deck. The schematic online shows “ca.35mm” (which is not just .01inches), so i’m pursuing alternatives. I would like to avoid LiPo’s because of all the issues I have heard about them. So if anyone has a “Trampaboard 35* LONG mountainboard” and could measure the interior space between bindings and the concave part that would be great. Looks like I might need to do a top mount if I can get an enclosure to fit between the bindings. Unfortunately they’re schematics lack these measurements. On that topic, I know there are custom enclosure builders out there, but are there any battery boxes that can house this beast? @psychotiller has some close, but not quiet 1.75" deep.

Otherwise if someone can really sell me on why to get LiPo’s for a 12s4p setup, I may switch, but I am not super knowledgeable as it sits. Links to reliable chargers would be good. Also enclosure recommendations? It would probably have to be top mount, mounting on the back seems a bit too heavy. It’s my understanding you charge each LiPo pack separately, correct? Do I need multiple chargers then? I know are pretty standard/good - anyone have any good/bad experiences?

Battery Dimensions Inches - 14" Length, 5.51" Width, 1.73" Height. Battery Dimensions MM - 355.6mm Length * 140mm Width * 44mm Height

Would I be better getting a custom battery/enclosure? I’d be happy to see your guys’ thoughts. Anyone know any good builders for 12s4p with 30q’s?

I’ve also been speaking with Frank from Trampaboard, and trying to figure out exactly what type of board to get, but it will probably be similar to:


Third: It sounds like 12s4p is the way to go for this, but if it causes this much of a hassle with the battery, and I probably don’t need the extra distance/speed, should I go to 12s2p? Obviously the battery would not be flexible, but it would at least fit in a decent enclosure.

Forth: How hard would it be to take the 12s4p battery apart and re-configure it to fit in a smaller/better form-factor?

Sorry to turn into “that guy” that doesn’t know anything… Just lost my footing when even an expert put me down the wrong track.

Thanks again, y’all have been great! DevilzAngelz

DONT go with 12s2p on a mountainboard! 12s4p is kind of minimum If you want decent range without too much voltage sag. There is alot of users here that makes custom li-ion batteries, like @barajabali . They can make all sorts of configurations, so that you can fit the batteries on top of the deck, or under the deck, depending on What you want.

If you cant throw $500+ on a custom battery, I would suggest going with lipos. You can Get some 12s 12Ah(equiliant to 12s4p) for around $300. By going with lipos you dont need to Solder or spotweld anything, which is a huge + for many.

Thank you for the input.

Definitely sounds like 12s4p are the way to go (which was my original intent anyways).

I have a few questions with going LiPo’s though. It seems like the perfect solution, but i’m apprehensive.

  1. Charging, primarily how? I know balancers exist, but how would I ensure each battery is exactly the same charge to reduce damage? Would I just have to take them off and measure them every so often? Looks like there are guides out here that shows how to charge them all at once.
  2. What chargers are good? Any “name brand” ones that are affordable? Is something like this any good?
  3. When running LiPo’s, are there any hidden costs like a BMS/switch that I would need to worry about?
  4. Would something like work as an enclosure, just drill a few holes and chaulk them up again when done for water resistance?
  5. Would the 6s 6200mah batteries work? Obviously 2 in series for 12s, and two of those in parallel?

Thanks again!

Charge one time and drive a complete week daily. I want such a battery

Idealy you would Balance Charge the lipos every time to ensure that they are balanaced

Any imax b6 charger (clone) should be sufficient

You dont Need a bms but a anti spark Switch (or loopkey) starts at 5$

Mayne People here are using Pelikan case with good success!

Depends on the c-Rating. if you have 12S 6200mah you should get at least 30C (Marketing 30C = real word 20C = 120A)

Charging can be done in 2 different ways. Individual balance charging with a balance charger, and using a bms and a normal brick charger. The BMS method is the same as the one used with li-ions. I would have gone the BMS way, as its way less hassle, and you dont need to take the batteries in and out all the time. 2. The one you linked to is a good quality. Most people use copies of this exact one, as they are half the price. 3. You could either buy an BMS with integrated ON/OFF switch, buy an separate ON/OFF switch or just use an XT90-S loop key switch. 4. Yep, thats the kind of cases most E-MTB guys use. Size of the case will depend on what batteries and such you get. 5. I dont know exactly what batteries these are, but if the C-rating is 25+ I dont see any problems using them.

Lastly, you will get a lot more amp output ability from LiPos vs Li-ions, which is a huge plus for most :grin:

Edit: Dang it, @DeathCookies was faster !

But you wrote it in more Detail :wink: it is good that we have two Messages: he can see the consence and get more impressions

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