[Help] Deck integrity

To all the Engineers out there, will the deck integrity be compromised if I drill too many holes to mount the enclosure? I am thinking about going with a larger enclosure but if I don’t need the large battery I might swap out for a smaller enclosure. To do that I need to re-drill different holes.

The deck is not very thick (around .3 inches) and is made of vertically laminated bamboo. It is also quite small with a 20 inch wheelbase

I don’t really like thick decks unless I am going for speed, so that is out too.

If it drilling extra holes (maybe 10 in total if I swap the enclosures) affects the integrity of the board too much, Is there a way to reinforce it?

Maybe I am thinking too much and the casing helps to reinforce it a little…

If the holes are closely spaced in a line then yeah it is going to affect its bending resistance along that axis and weaken it but I doubt the holes you need are going to be particularly detrimental to strength as you say the casing will go some way to adding reinforcement.

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I’ll try to avoid that, thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

I had a 44in pintail that I put too many holes in, one of the 1st builds I ever did. Ended up cracking down the side.

Any pictures? How many holes did you drill?

I didn’t have the heart to take pics of it. I had 8 holes on each side for barrel nuts, 3/8s I think. I started using inserts after that, now I use 1/2 or 5/8s wide thread sheet metal screws.