Help designing/building a car elevator

Sorry if this isn’t the correct place to ask for help but I’ve seen pretty good qualified folks around here that might want to give me a hand.

I’m currently building a small car shop and we plan to have a second floor of cars at 6 meters of height in the near future, the basic idea is to build a car elevator to lift cars to the second floor using an AC or DC electric motor, speed controller and a pulley system.

If someone has the ability to design this kind of machine, select components and keep it under budget I’m willing to pay for the service.

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What weight do you req it to take? What is the size of the elevator shaft? What size do you req that the elevatorcar is inside? I work as a sales and projectmanager on a elevator company but I’m unfamiliar with the laws in USA. But I might can help you pick parts for it but I would probely recommend you to contact a elevator company in your country

I think he’s in Lima, Peru

just curious: what would a commercial elevator for this type of work cost? sounds to me like a LOT of work (sure in principal any motor can do this with the right transmission but adding the safety features required to handle a broken gear or a ripped chain is gonna be demanding). Also who’s paying if something goes wrong? Sounds to me like the cars you want to show up there are worth quite some money and no insurance will cover a DIY car elevator. It’s an interesting project though. If you have a university around couldn’t this be some master’s project for a mechanical engineer :wink: ?

2 floors 3000kg and space for a car would cost like 200 000-250 000 dollar if the shaft I already done by they construct company, atleast in sweden

@mackann it’s really fortunate you work on that area, a car elevator would cost us around US$ 35k locally I’m trying to cut costs.

Would you suggest any company that will sell us parts and equipment?, I’m ok with chinesse companies

Not familiar with local building codes but i have a design friend who does this in the us… could ask if hes interrested to draw you up the plans…

As im a building inspector, i have certain friends in the trade

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Of course I’m interested @iKNOWaFATman, thanks a lot!

Send me a pm with what codes hell need to conform too. Ill see if hes interested.