Help deucesdown find a mate for Bigly

The bachelor in question, Bigly. Bigly would make a really nice box for a mule board. Something big and not necessarily pretty that can hold just about anything, for trying out all the cool stuff.

A thick lad, described as 9.5" wide on the website. Just like a dating site, it’s a slight exaggeration.

an eighth over!

So I’m thinking, perfect for the Funbox 42" OG, which I had been saving for the right enclosure. 10" wide it says on the website!


Okay, how about the S9 Meridian, Bintang’s big brother? 9.5" but no hourglass. I have a 99% complete build with this deck.

Thanks for playing!

Hmm what else do I have squirreled away? Tesseract?


S9 Jimmy Riha?

Supermodel? It’s 9.75"!


@Hummie deck?

Oh, she’s the one!


Okay going for the big momma, Ed Economy

I need your help.

The requirements:

  • cheap. well, at least not terribly expensive. This is for a mule after all.
  • cutaway for the wheels
  • big wheelbase for inside motor mounts maybe quad
  • no silly wedge/dewedge/deep-drop (Bigly will scrape!)
  • stiff. well at least not flexy flexy.
  • prefer non-aggressive concave

psycho pointed me towards Red Ember (sorry too fancy for this one), Landy (almost! but nothing quite right), Skateshred and Ehlers (9.5" or 9.75", not quite enough)

So far I’m looking at:

Claimed 10 inches, no hourglass, okay WB, $80 on amazon. Complete only.

9.9", Not sure about the flex, worried about the “quickly ramps up toward the edges”, $60. I’m hopeful for this one.

Similar, 10", but has a bit of a waist.

10", has a drop but seems long enough. No idea on flex.

Hummie deck is also still in the running, but a bit more than I want to spend for this.


Koastal Drifter, but it’s really flexy

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I loooove long decks, but alas, it fails the cutaway requirement, and it’s a bit out of bounds for length :slight_smile:

I spent a long time on one of these before electricity. With Revenge Trucks.

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don’t bottom out. that’s a big box

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You measure the width by the widest part of the board.

What about


Even have a blemish version which is cheaper

Bruh just make a deck, 3/4 inch plywood works really well,

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Thanks for the suggestions. The first deck has 29 wb which will be tight. And has sidecuts on a 9.6 width.

The 2nd is 9.25 no match for bigly especially with the taper. And is pretty short!

I’m thinking about it…

Ham board lol

Seller got back to me. 9 ply (slight flex), 9.6" at narrowest point. Hmmm…

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9.6" in description. ebay seller got back to me, narrowest is 9.125"!

Bigly will fit on here

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Oh this is really close, thanks for digging this up! 38" is a bit short for Bigly – I’m thinking ideally, this mule should allow 4wd inboard motors. I’ll try to dig up the wheelbase. And it’s complete which is a bit of a waste.

But really close, thanks man. :slight_smile:

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This started life as the Flybar - Glitch deck



This is the Flybar - Glitch deck from Amazon

Wheelbase - 783mm center to center

Actual width - 259 throughout 90% of the length of the foot platform

The side with the circle logo here I guess is the back of the board because it gets about 4mm narrower the last 3cm or so

124 / 125 enclosure to rear bolt center

43 enclosure to front bolt center

HOWEVER while the Flybar deck is the perfect shape for Bigly/esk8 use, it’s much too flexy for electric skate use, you would need to carbon fiber or fiberglass the bottom of the deck to use it.

Like this:

Then, it’s a great deck for esk8.


The Flybar - Glitch is a very shitty deck, to be truthful. But, it’s the perfect shape. If you add carbon fiber or fiberglass to the BOTTOM it turns it from a shitty deck into a great deck.

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