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Help Diagnose Tacon 160 Braking Issues

I’m currently experiencing some issues with my VESC paired with a Tacon 160. The brakes will go out intermittently and I will get the dreaded overcurrent error. I know this is to be somewhat expected with 10s and the 245kv motor, but I had previously be able to remedy the problem with only charging the batteries to ~40.5v and easing into the brake.

Yesterday, after riding though some wet trails covered in schmeg, I noticed that the motor is making a clicking sound when spun in the reverse position. This occurs even if I remove the power source and only happens in reverse. I can only assume something is off within the motor itself and adding additional resistance when braking - thus further exacerbating the overcurrent issue.

Any ideas anyone? I’m mainly looking for any ideas as to why the motor would click when spun (by hand) in the reverse direction and not in the forward direction.


Nevermind. Got it.

The belt somehow came misaligned and was awkwardly rubbing the wheel. Duh.