HELP diyeboard dual belt issue

Hey guys this is my first post so I’m not sure if this is the right place for this. I purchased a 10s5p dual belt diyeboard kit. The wiring was so damn long that I had my buddy shorten them. I’m not sure what happened but 1 of the motors works fine. But the 1 was out of sync and neither would move me with any weight whatsoever. Even with just my foot they sounded as if they were slipping. I don’t know if they need a certain type of connector but that wouldn’t make sense where the one works fine but also won’t move with any weight on it. How would I be able to tell if the motor is fried? And is there a way to test what is wrong with it? I’m at a stand still and contemplating just ordering another ESC and motor set but really don’t want to have to wait 3 weeks the 2 rides I got with it got me hooked instantly. Thanks for any input in advance.

The isn’t fried, probably a bad connection. Any pictures?

I can get a few it’s put back together now as we tried everything and now the 1 won’t even budge. We tried solder, butt connectors, and some fairly expensive connectors we have here at work. But won’t even spin at all anymore


That looks pretty messy in general buddy. Make sure the phase wires aren’t touching and shorting, that will give the motor reistance when hand rolling with no power and is easy to diagnose.

Can they even spin when you lean? That all looks really tight.

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It is messy. I was trying to clean it up as the guy before me had about 5 feet of extra wiring. I was able to get a short video of what it’s doing now all hooked up temporarily

Just for science, could we have a picture from further back of the whole package?

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I can’t seem to get it sorted out. There is a wiring issue somewhere that I can seem to figure out. 1 motor stutters and all the wiring seems to be where it’s supposed to be other then his additional wire and soldering. I ordered another motor and ESC so I guess it’s a waiting game until I can get into this e-skating thing.


There’s a load of issues here.

Get rid of the spade connectors, you’ve got some pretty rough burned soldering all over. There’s a random non insulated bullet connector there on the right, whats that going to? (I see now it’s a phase wire connection from the second picture) Quite a lot of pinched wiring and connectors.

Electrical tape isn’t a good long term solution, use heat shrink on everything to ensure you get no shorts.

I would suggest removing all of that, looking at it objectively, fixing anything dodge and tidying it all up. Solder carefully, remove all the rest of the excess wiring and make sure nothing is pinched or bent too badly. What connectors are on your motors? Get some bullets that match the ones coming off your esc (4mm?) and replace those spades.

You just need a spring clean in there. Or… get a couple of flipsky 4.12’s and ditch all that crap.


Wow man thank you! I’ll definitely dig into it tomorrow at work when I’ve got the right tools. There’s so much pinched in this. Let me send you a better picture in a second

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And yeah we just used the spade connectors for trial and error due to multiple wires being soldered to the original which took away all the color coding for the connections. And yeah it’s rough.

Soldering and wiring on this scale is more art than industry.


You got me :joy:

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Haha I appreciate all the input man. I’m really new to this and I’ve never soldered a thing in my life but I love this community and was really excited to be apart of it since I’ve never seen an electric skateboard in my state at all. Then all this crap so it’ll be a learning curve for sure

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It’s one of those things. This is all still new, our vendors and even our Asian knock offs are still finding their feet. Chuck in to that the fact that none of us can definitively make our minds up.

Enjoy the build as much as the ride or you’re fucked. I have boxes full of stuff I didn’t use here because I kept changing my first and second build. My third build changes hourly :joy:

I feel like if you can’t take the build with a pinch of salt you’ll never truly love your board.


i would also mention what i dont think has been said but the 3 phase wires from esc to motor need to be connected in the right order… i see you cleaned up from the esc…but all wires exiting are all yellow… if your motors wires have colors that match the OE esc wires then thats how they should be plugged…if not it might be a game playing diff combos…