HELP! dual hub build

I have these hub motors… 36volt 1000 watt

I am looking to build a diy board from these and have NO IDEA what ESC or BATTERY TO GET… i am not sure what is compatible… its very hard to figure out and looking for a point in the right direction… or a simple answer of just what to buy… JUST IN TERMS OF COMPATIBILITY… range can be ANYTHING… but note the deck will be very long and can fit a larger battery… I have no idea if size of battery even corresponds with range or speed at this point…

battery MUST be able to plug directly into wall with AC adapter cable… no balance chargers allowed


reaches into magic hat and pulls out ready made battery and charger suited for e-skate

Think you have some reading to do. Dont get me wrong, you can get what you ask for. But may I ask what your budget is for said battery and esc?

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When in doubt, FocBox or Vesc 6.

Stick to butt boarding dude. :wink:

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BATTERY (If you’re US based)-

no budget… just need compatibility… or options of what is compatible and the pros and cons…

also… what is the minimum diameter of the hub motor that would be acceptable… AS IN JUST THE HUB MOTOR NOT INCLUDING THE PU WHEEL

TBH i have done much research but havent gotten a clear answer… like the two hub motors specs read 36v and 1000watts… what kind of battery is suitable for this???

will these esc’s work for the specs of the motors?

i am not really looking to program a VESC so will FOCBOX be better?

Exactly what it says 36v as in 10s, the motors are good for 10s

even though its a dual hub system… does that just mean it draws twice the amps?

the P number isnt just a difference in how the batteries are linked together though? it literally implied a bigger battery… a similar sized batter with a higher P number would mean a smaller S number?

i ask because i have been hearing that anything below 1P is bad news for some reason? and 2 P is better… any thoughts on this?

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10s means 10 cells now the “P” means how many in parallel so a 10s2p means 10cells and 2 pack so in total its 20 cells total. Now the reason u want to stack them in parallel is for one u get more range and 2 u pull more amps , also depending on the motor watts u go fast, u also want to have more amps so that u don’t voltage sag as much is u have a 10s1p depending on your cells let’s say 30q u can only pull 20amps and your going to have a lot of voltage sag typical motors single drives can pull 60amps (not really good at explaining the technicality sorry )

Not sure where you did this “much research” but sounds like you just went out and bought some motors and are now just assuming things will work out :stuck_out_tongue: always plan a build. Especially if you’re unfamiliar with what you’re doing.

And sorry if i sound like a douche, thats not my intent


Ok… i didnt buy the motors exactly… but these motors are the only ones that will fit my trucks… ALSO PLEASE NO ALTERNATIVE MECHANICAL SUGGESTIONS… THAT COULD BE A SEPERATE BUILD… I MUST USE THIS MOUNTING STYLE FOR REASONS… didnt even want to make it a mechanical / truck mold thread…

FOCBoxes are vescs. You’ll need to program either of them.

36v means you can use a 10S like any of the 10S batteries here for example

P.S- Wear a f$cking helmet dude. You’re going to need it. :wink:

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what is the advantage of 36 volt motors over 24 volt

what would be the range i would get from these 2 motors… with 10s2p

are FOCBOX or VESCs basically compatible with ANY spec motor… or are theres different ones for different specs

You’re not the first person to ask these questions. All these answers can be found by SEARCHING and READING. Serisiously. Devote like an hour or two to solid reading of posts on here and you’ll have your answers


the VESC will power every sychronous motor.

depends on your used cells, ride style, weight, motors but about 10km

more voltage = efficient usage of current

24V * 10A = 240W 36V * 10A = 360W

That range calculation would be correct if he was using 20wh/km but I doubt it. It’s usually around 10Wh/km so he will get somewhere around 20km

i am using 10S3P and getting about 12-15km… so…

is there a special trick to hooking up 2 esc’s to the battery pack?

what would be the draw for these two 36 volt batteries from the battery… if theyre 1000watts each…

are batteries with integrated BMS systems for wall charging readily sold?