[HELP] ESC controlled via arduino

This is for a mechatronics project. I want to control an electric skateboard ESC with a ppm output signal from an arduino. As this is the first electric skateboard I will be building, I just ordered on of the first things I found with a quick google search. I got this dual hub motor truck. For the ESC, I went with this due to the wiring diagrams showing it was compatible with my motor setup. I only noticed after I ordered it that the ESC has a built in receiver for the included remote so I don’t know how I would interface the arduino to the ESC. Can I control this ESC with an arduino? Is there a better ESC for the job? I am definitely a beginner when it comes to building things like this so any help is appreciated.

Ok, so first off all diyeboard is a shitty seller. Big mistake buying from him.
Regarding your second question. You won’t be able to controll your esc with anything other that the “standard” remote.
The best esc for your setup would be a vesc. You can interface with it using uart or a pwm signal. :slight_smile:


Pro tip, do re-search before going into a spending spree. Atleast when I went to school I had to motivate my choices of hardware :grimacing: “first thing I found” could be pretty much…useless


Thanks for the help guys. So VESC is the way to go. Is there a good value you would recommend? What about the Torque ESC?

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The focbox unity, flipsky dual 4.20, Ollin vesc

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