[HELP] ESC ftv 120a not work :(

Hi guys, few days ago it worked ok, but now dont work… Ps.: sorry for my english

Check it please https://youtu.be/YZjTVplRpT4

First, change the receiver onto the throttle port- it’s in the steering port now.

Also, recalibrate the throttle range. Turn off the ESC (with the switch), and hold the trigger all the way down. Then turn it on and wait for the tones from the ESC. Once it stops move the trigger all the way forward (to the max braking position) and see what happens.

P.S. Is it possible the battery is just dead?

When i press any button on the controller on ESC appears red light.

Maybe is low battery?


Thanks a lot!!! I will try it now

The problem was that he had spent the battery v.v sorry suys… haha

but thanks for the video