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[Help] ESCs and Batteries for Enertion's 190kv R-Spec Motor

I just recently received my R-Spec 190kv Motor and I have no idea what ESC (other than the VESC, which I will more than likely get in the future) to get for this motor. Batteries are the same, don’t know what to get that will last awhile. I’m completely new to this.

Any suggestions which don’t break the bank too bad will be great.

You can get a hobbywing ESC and it will be rock solid. EzRun Pro 150. They are easy to program, work perfectly for E-boards and have a great track record. Of course, this will limit you to 6s.

If your plan is to get a VESC i wouldn’t spend too much on your interim ESC. XERUN is the new EZRun - usually around $90-100. Don’t forget the programming card since you will absolutely need to configure your brakes.

If your plan is VESC i would get 2x3s for 6s (lays flatter), then you can go to 4x3s for 12s later.

I’d stick around 5-8Ah depending on size/cost.


XErun is its own model. The only difference between it and the EZrun is the XE can run with sensored motors.

Thanks for the suggestions, I really appreciate it.

So these ESCs will be able to run for a good amount of time? How likely are they to burn out?

Also, with the batteries, what are the differences in real life testing of the different specs of each battery? Like the 20C, 30C, etc., or 6s vs. 8s vs. 12s.

Sorry about the many questions I have. I just want to get this right on the first go without wasting money.

I haven’t burned one out. Actually, I don’t think I’ve read about anyone burning EZruns out either. The highest C rating I’ve used is 45. They were really expensive pulse batteries. 20C and up is fine. 6s = 6 cells (or 22.2 volts, 8s = 8 cells (or 30 volts) The sweet spot for saving money and still having a decent E-Board is building it for 6s. The EZrun pro 150 can be had for 80 bucks, is bomb proof, and is rated to 6s. You can get 2 3s lipos and run them in series for about 50 bucks. Or, for a little more you could buy 2 6s 8ah lipos and get really good range too.

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BE SURE TO READ THIS What is Battery "C" Rating & Is it important for Electric Skateboards? - Would buying from here be fine? - Also, would 2 of these be fine?

What difference does 8s have compared to 6s in terms of power output?

These are pretty much my last components in my build. I live in Kansas so I don’t have to worry too much about hills.

8S is going to be close to 30Volts and 6S will be around 22Volts. Its a pretty big difference
If i were you I would start with 6S. It will be enough to get you around at a decent speed.
then when you get a bit more experience if you feel you need to go 8S you can always upgrade later.

If you want to decide to upgrade, get a 12S or similar ESC that way you only need to buy the ESC once rather than twice.

And, if you go with a hobbywing ESC buy one that has a track record on boards. Not sure anyone has used the quickrun.

Oh shoot, I didn’t mean to put the that ESC.

This is the one:

I may possibly get the VESC later in the future, so when that happens I may upgrade batteries as well. Going this route allows me to give the old parts to my brother for when he builds his board.

Would it be okay to carry around an extra set of batteries?

Dude! Just buy the VESC! my next batch is probably only 3-weeks away.

its like $20 more then that “Hobbywing EZRUN-150A” & about 1000 times better! it supports up to 12S, has regen braking, is programmable from windows or mac…

has temperature sensors & current limiting features to protect your motors & battery from melt down!

it had the best start-up torque of any ESC, don’t need sensors

the brake is so smooth you will never launch off the the board whilst trying to come to a stop!

its tiny! doesn’t get hot…

its natively compatible with wii

there will be an iPhone/android app soon, so you can program it from your phone! eventually you will be able to change the parameters with wireless BT from your phone too.

Also… everyone who says its hard or complicated is wrong… its not hard! its a piece of piss to set-up.

the flier/alien ESC is much more complex to use then the VESC.

the list goes on & on…

You know, I’ll just do that. I was planning on buying the EZRun now, because I’m impatient. I really want to ride this!

Either way I’d have to wait around 3 weeks anyways because I don’t have anymore money to spend after I bought the mechanical parts.

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If you’re under say 170 pounds or so 6S will be plenty of juice, and doubling up the two-3S-in-series packs in parallel will give you good range and still allow you to use a single 6S charger for both twin 3S packs simultaneously. To be clear i’m talking about 4 3S packs to basically make a 6S2P.

If you’re heavier than that you might want to consider 8S or above to feed the need for ridiculous speed, but then you’ll need to find a charger for 8S and they start to get a little more expensive once you get past 6S.

I’m 155 pounds and my 6S scares me sometimes.

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My friend Jesse has the Quickrun. The brakes suck! I don’t like it, but its the cheapest 6s car esc that Hobbywing makes. I think.

Where can I get a prebuilt VESC? I know Enertion will have them in October. Should I get it there?

There are a few guys selling them on endless-sphere:

I know @sl33py bought his from a legit guy on endless-sphere, and it had the wires pre soldered, the firmware loaded, and everything was tested. You’d be fine going either route, it’s just personal opinion of whether you want to go through a forum, or a website. Also time until the next batch arrives is key- if you want to build a setup now, maybe getting through ES would better. If you aren’t in a rush, you can always wait for enertion.

I’m not in much of a rush since I need to save a little more money, so I’ll just get it from Enertion. I know a bit about electronics, but with this kind of thing, I don’t really want to do it myself for fear of burning it up.

Other than Vetter’s tutorial, where else can I go to learn how to program this?

Personally if you aren’t in a rush i’d wait for v4.8 (like enertion). Why get old tech when there has been so much invested and improved to the new version?

As for programming and configuring the VESC to your motor - just watch the video on how he configures it. It’s pretty simple. You just need to take it a few steps at a time. after the first or second time you can quickly do it from memory - it’s really not that difficult, but can be a bit daunting the first time.

Post up your questions here or on ES and we’ll help get you squared away.

Another thing you can do if you aren’t a linux guru (i’m not) - try one of the Windows BLDC ports to poke around and get familiar with the settings/configuration.