Help fix my motor problem? How to take apart?

I am trying to take apart a flipsky 6355 motor due to a small amount of grinding coming from somewhere on the motor.

The motors are completely new and therefore I am led to believe that it is some metal grinding somewhere on the outside. I tried lubricating it and it solved the problem for a short amount of time. The grinding is pretty small and still motor can be turned however it is just not as smooth. The motor grinds at random times usually for just a couple of seconds every 5 to 10 rotations

I have taken off he c clip and some rings.



Thank you

(I have had similar problems with some Tb motors)

You have a screw to take off at the bottom of the motor, that goes to the axle (it’s a small hole)

One of my TB motors had a bit of wire insulation sticking in too deep that was seemingly making contact with the can. I find it easier to pull the can off if the motor is screwed to a mount so that I have something to hold against.

I can see it however when I stick a Alan key into it it just won’t turn and my electric screwdriver doesn’t fit into it

Can you please send pictures of what you do

Not really sure

I can’t help you there, I don’t what is the screw Try all the size of allen key :wink:

The Alan key fits just when it turn it the screw will not turn

You might need more leverage, or the screw glue they use needs heating up first (to ridiculous temperatures) which to me at least seems impossible. If the grinding isn’t too bad it might be worth just living with it, if you can’t get the motor open.

I haven’t tried motor yet as I am waiting for a unity so I don’t really know how it will work

Also was thinking about going for hubs or dd instead of belt drive is it worth it. Really want quiet motors and at the same time I want not that many vibrations.

If you have the c-clip out, all you need to do is pull the can off. Pull hard. Watch your fingers because it can snap back and pinch you bad.

IMG_20190425_114311 IMG_20190425_112146


I like to mount the motor back on the motor mount but from the outside, shaft facing inside after removing the circle clip. Makes it easier to take off the bell, also helps to place back the bell without cutting your fingers when it snaps together. First time is usually harder to get it off… like always in life :joy:

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I need my key back, locked out :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Are you sure the bullit connectors arent touching each other when u are moving the motor by hand? that could couse you to hear/feel a grinding aswell.

This will not cause a grinding sound, it’ll only cause resistance

I had it cause some grinding on my sk3 5055, only occured when I touched the wires together. Probably due to the resistance yes.

i think it is the bearing randomly rubbing causing friction and the grinding

What do you mean with randomly rubbing?

It is not consistently rubbing at a certain point

Dunno man. It should be turning not “rubbing”.? Be sure that the phase wire bullets are not touching. If they are, it will feel like the motor is " braking"

Don’t think that’s the problem just think something is grinding against something else

Edit: I am wrong wires touching was the problem thank you guys