Help flashing my mini Flipsky Vesc - UK

Hey all,

I have two Flipsky Mini Vescs that both have the same issue, i only have a solid blue light and neither will connect to my laptop. Ive been trying to do the STLink but for some reason it just wont let me do it. I get it connected to the stlink and then it says i need something else, i figured out how to do that but it then says to do it need something else. I’ve got to the end of my patience with it if im honest.

I also cant find any link that works to be able to download the HEX file. Im hoping someone can help with it or even if they are happy to do it for me if i sent them, im in the UK. Bit of a cheeky ask but will be greatly appreciated, and will cover return postage too.

Thanks all.

The new firmware is still a bit unstable. I had similiar issues and reflashed a “bricked” vesc with pre update .95 vesc tool firmware. Within 5 minutes everything was set back to normal and i was riding again.

Until the firmware is working, i just stick with the older tried and tested stuff

Hi, my laptop doesn’t even recognize that the vesc is connected. Was this the same for you?

I did have issues with it for a while. In the end i got it to connect somehow and reflashed it. Make sure you have your canbus disconnected and try again