HELP! Flipsky Dual FSESC4.20 - Flipsky 6384 settings issue

Hello all,

I have a problem with settings my setup. I do the VESC tool wizard and everything is fine till there is a step to set motor directions. When i click to check direction there is almost no reaction on the motors - see video:

FOC decetion process works wine, motors rotate and there is success result - see video:

Battery: 10S4P 12Ah ESC: Flipsky Dual FSESC4.20 Motors: Flipsky 6384 Remote: Flipsky VX2

Any sugestion what can couse this issue?

FSESC software is updated.

When i try to proceed anyway, motors don’t respond on throttle, there is only noise and no movement.


Try changing the App settings, change the App>General>‘App to Use’ to UART (rather than PPM+UART).

I had this happen on the latest software too, and this sorted it out on my setup

Thanks for answer,

i’ve changed to UART but it didn’t solve the problem.

I don’t know if it has something common but i see so i post.

This is setup response to controler:

I have seen this problem, first time with my friends board after a firmware update.

The second time, I went from my nrf Wand remote back to VX2, it did this for some time while I panicked, made swear words and changed settings.

I suggest you reset the Application settings to default, and try to re-set up using the wizard (or manually), there is some issue of incorrect parameters for the remote in the FSESC that causes this issue.

I did not work out if it was PPM mapping or something else, you will see in VESC tool the duty and current are so small when you use the remote, the wheels are not getting enough energy to turn, just enough to buzz