Help for anti spark switch hight A

Hi everyone I just finished my mountain board 12s7p And the switch I ordered from DIYELECTRIC broke after 3 time I used it The board don’t want turn off :sob::sob::sob: Do you have any recommendations for very good switch ? I need very highly Amp continue switch Thank you everyone for your help

Search for “anti spark switch” and you will find what you need

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I did it already but I need one can take 150A

Your out of luck then. The vedder antispark switch is less buggy, but theres no super high amp version like that. Most are 30 amps (which I don’t understand how anyone enjoys such low amps, even at 12s).

150A! Maybe this?

1set Amass AS150 Gold Plated Banana Plug 7mm Male/Female for High Voltage Battery Red/Black to Clipboard (from AliExpress Android)

Thank you but I need switch

Switched bms maybe?