Help for my first build

Hi Everyone,

My name is Mathieu. After a bad experience using a Wowgo 3 longboard, I’d like to build my own longboard.

For now, I have a cheap longboard but for this project I will buy an Arbor Flagship.

I want to make something not expensive as a first version (< 1000$) and upgrade it as my skills in building electric longboard progress.

I hope this topic will show you the progress from the first step of a beginner to a functional electric longboard.

What would you recommend as :

  • Motor wheels : ?
  • Battery : 10S6P Samsung 35E ? I’d like a thin battery
  • ESC : Flipsky ESC ?
  • Trucks : Paris Truck ?
  • Enclosure : ?

My budget is around 1000$

Thank you so much



Hi welcome to the end of your free time and budgeting. Definitely get deck and enclosure then decide on the rest. 10s6p is larger than you think in a flat pack. @b264 will share his link.

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You’re right about the battery. So I am looking for the same type of battery than the Wowgo 3. It is 36V and 6Ah with a 216Wh capacity. Do you know any alternative ?

Thank you


Buy a cheap clone deck, so to spend more money in spots that need it.

Then you wont cry when it gets use marks.

I have a 10s5p, on a 42 inch deck, and the enclosure hangs an inch and a half over the allotted deck real estate.

And paris trucks? No no no. Caliber or similar. Much easier to get parts .