Help for problem brake

Hi everyone So I have my brake cup off going down hill I brake a little stop braking and brake again but the brake was not working some one can help me Use vesc 6 remote is the nano set up for the brake is -60 Thank you

-60!??? Bro what’s your battery ? I think your setting it to high

Is a 12s7p

-60 seems high. What battery are you using and what BMS do you have?

Battery is 12s7p and vesc6

What type of batteries?

I am assuming its 25r and even still maybe your pulling to Much amps and trying to break at the same time cuz -60 is to high

Seriously ? I hve -80 A on my carvon

im curious what a good number is for 25r’s 12s7p. i had the same problem going down a hill, if i’m cruising at 20, it won’t slow me down enough. almost had to bail in the city this past weekend!

I think he had his battery pack full and went down hill making the vesc shut off Other theory check your connections maybe your phase wires touch causing a short


No is 30Q and I brake a little

Yes the battery was full

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For 7p and -60a each battery should be able to charge at 8.5a.

do you use the BMS for discharge?

Sorry i’m New on this I don’t know

You can’t go down hill at full battery going downhill and breaking makes energy and that to to the vesc and back to th fully charged battery making it over load and shut off

well that’s kinda the million dollar question…

if you are, it’s “normal”

if not, you’ve got a problem

Ooooo ok but i don’t have regeneration brake

yes you do.


Its a vesc I don’t think in a vesc u can turn that off just spinning your wheel while the board is off makes the vesc turn on(for a sec)