Help for truck thank you

Hi everybody I need some truck 16 inch ( AT WHEEL) for my flat deck I was looking at the evolve truck but is only 12inch Some one can help me thank you

16in is huge, the biggest Ive seen is 15…

This one is 15.5" :

Ive got a set, mine measured out to 15. Not sure why MBS put 15.5 unless it’s with the wheels or something.

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Do the bolts match with the old/new school pattern?

Ooo cool it is work on flat deck or I need riser do you think the at wheel from trampa will work on it And what motor mounts I can use on it Thank you

my street trucks are a little over 16” :yum:

To you have a link

not for sale unfortunately


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I’ll have to look. I just remember the axle length because it confused me a little bit.

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I would stick with wheels from MBS. The linked trucks have a 9.5mm axle. MBS sells bearings that fit their trucks and wheels.

Not sure about a motor mount for that truck. I’m sure it’s possible. Diyeboard sells an 11 inch all terrain truck with motor mounts:

Ok But I need some truck work on flat deck like the evolve I need some riser for this one or no thank you And the problem I want some wheel 6.5 or 7 inch max Thank you

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The rider is gonna be the problem. @okp is the only one that makes them an he needs a minimum of 10 orders, I think.

I have them all ready but the deck is to high Thank you man

You have the risers?

@marcmt88 makes motor mounts for the MBS ATS 12 truck, I sent him mine so he could measure them and I bought a set.

Ok thank you But I don’t really want to use the riser bc the board is to high and I think it will be less stable What do you think

Not really less stable, just feels different. You can actually get deeper carves if you use risers and less chance of wheel bite, which is a real thing when using big wheels.

…also, I’m using 1/2 inch riser in my Evo with 177 surf rodz and 80mm axles.


Ooo ok man thank you for your advice I want also use 6,5 wheel Thank you man

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