Help how do Onfind out whats broken? vesc/ bms?


My set up is a single motor 6355 maytech sensored motor powered by a10s3p battery with bms(with no specs on it) connected to maytech vesc updated recently to the newest firmware via vesc tool running on bdlc. image|375x500

I bought it second hand and it was running fine for over a year

Today I was riding my board really slowly no big stress on the board and suddenly the board just did not respond anymore but the nano remote was still connected.

At home I checked everything up: Battery loaded to 100% nothing changed. Vesc tool and ackmaniac app are not able to connect to the vesc but my iphone does show the hm10 module in the bluetooth configuration. No led blinks while powered on the vesc but the receiver gets juice beacuse i can pair to it and the light of receiver is on.

I don’t see any visible sign of damage on the vesc, do you? What else could be broken? The bms? How do it test it?

Thank you for your help

Can you take a clear picture of both sides of the esc

contact waste management and have them pick up that battery immediately.

alextech battery didn’t know they were still laying around, burn that thing to the ground before it takes you along with it

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You may have a dead 3.3V rail. The 5v is created by the DRV, hence why the light on the BT module powers on. The blue light along with the green and red are all fed from the 3.3V. I offer repairs for these kinds of issues if your interested.

Regarding that battery, I wasn’t a member of this forum when he was around, but an unsafe battery is an unsafe battery. As a bare minimum I’d have someone who knows what there doing check all the connections on that and heat shrink it. I know @barajabali and @longhairedboy make batteries. You may be able to request their services.


Yes I really would appreciate every help I can get to get it repaired! Only problem is I m living in Strasbourg In France, please PM so we can sort out how O can get the vesc to you

Even if the battery has to be looked after I would go for that too, is there a guy in Europe able to sort this out?

Thanks guys! I need to get back rolling

The parts I am pointing to and the usb port are getting pretty hot when powering on the board, I think there might be a short circuit somewhere around there!

If you are in Europe contact @fottaz. He offers Vesc repairs at

Thats the coil

Its normally hot

@Martinsp dude

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Shipping to the US definitely be costly. I would recommend contacting one of the Europe repair services so you can get it repaired more quickly and you won’t be wasting so much money on shipping costs.

I am based in central Europe, Slovakia.