HELP! How to expand capacitance on riptide?

I hope this is the right place to post. This is my first time. I just purchased a riptide elite and I would like to expand my run time. I figured I can just put another pack or two in parallel to the existing one. I would us the same 6S3P 24 volt pack but i’m not sure if I should buy theirs or build my own. I want this to be an easy swap battery. I also would like charging to be simple. Maybe even chard all packs at the same time.

I would use an xt60 splitter in front of the existing battery pack. SL1002%5B1%5D image

What I don’t know is how this would affect charging.

  1. Would I need to charge them separately?
  2. do I need to plug in the pack when the board is on or does that not matter
  3. Do I need to remove the extra battery before turning off the board

I know the pack that comes with the board has a BMS built in but I do not know where the turn of switch activates. It looks like if I split the XT60 the power off switch is after so I should be fine to turn the board on and off without having to add or remove the battery etc.

Anyone have any ideas. Here are a few more pics of the electronics in the board.



image image image



So you got exactly the same extra battery? If you plug it in parallel make sure they have the same voltage (just fully charge both batteries first). If you wanna charge the batteries when they are in parallel, make sure you also connect the 2 charge wires which goes to the charge connector (connect the 2 charge wires from the batteries in parallel) But charging the 2 batteries seperate look more safe to me.

Yes planning on buying the same replacement battery from them. Im assuming building my own or buying another one would cause imbalance issue.

I should just make my own battery. You got a spotwelder? Than you can just go with the 30Q cells and make a nice pack.

I have a solder. I can build a 6s pack with 30Q cells but wouldn’t I need a BMS to make sure I don’t over charge or discharge?

Could it be charged from the same XT60 connector? that way I wouldn’t need to remove the extra battery and treat it as one pack.

This is the charge cable, the xt60 is only for discharging: IMG_20180809_224701 And yeah you will also need a bms.

Curious to see how this goes. The battery life on my Riptide is a$$

Gotcha how do I add a BMS to my soldering?

I know! great fun little board. I don’t expect to fly with it but it would be nice to bump this up or be able to swap batteries on the fly.

What would happen if I am riding and the battery is low. Would adding another fresh pack in parallel damage the battery or board?

IMG_20180721_023407_475 Be careful riding to hard

WHAT! IS that from carving or jumping a curb?

Nope. Never took it down any curbs. Not even once. It’s my way to work, I was pretty nice to it.

found a few other people that had the same thing happened to them. Been waiting almost a month now for a replacement rear truck from riptide because they ran out…

Starting to think I should have built my own. I don’t really like the boosted mini either looks too bulky. Dude im freaked out now ha

If I knew what I know now I would have built my own. I still love my board. And I’m going to ride the living s*** out of it until its warranty is up. In the meantime I’m slowly building a better board.

Can’t you just replace the back truck with some caliber trucks?

Yes and no. They’re replacing the rear truck for free and it is shipping now. If I wanted to throw a caliber truck on there I’d have to buy trucks and mounts. (I have extra caliber trucks) Doing so would technically void my warranty.

Yeah that’s true as long as they give free trucks keep them. Are the motor mounts welded onto the trucks?

Yeah. It’s a one piece setup

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