[Help] How to go about removing gripstuff from my board

I’m planning on converting my Dinghy to an electric board but before i do anything else i wanna repaint it. To do that i need to remove the griptape, the problem is… Well the griptape isn’t really “tape”…

It looks like this IMG_20181110_193340 You guys got any ideas for how to go about removing this stuff?

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some sort of solvent?

At the bottom of the thread mmaner chimes in and says that a hair dryer and time is a good substitute

Yeah i thought about that. Maybe paint remover… I’m hoping someone here has some experience with this stuff. Also though about just taking the orbital grinder route but that may take a lot of sanding pads.

Sandpaper. Worked for me when I removed the grit from my loaded vanguard.


Looks like epoxy and frit

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Sandpaper. Start with 80 grit. A mouse sander or orbital will speed that up a bit.

I will say though, the dinghy is pretty small for es8 unless for a kid. I have one.


This :arrow_up:

A heat gun or hair dryer is only good for tape. I’d use an orbital sander personally.


I didn’t really try many things before posting because I wasn’t expecting any replies so quickly. So thanks for that. You guys have a awesome community around here! Keep it up.

The only thing I tried before posting was alcohol but that didn’t work. I guess I’ll take a swing on in with the orbital then. Tomorrow tho, it’t pretty late here in Poland, don’t wanna wake the neighbors.

And yeah, I know the board is small but i’m also kinda small ;). And it’s just for fun, not really for serious commuting or anything.


Be careful of the edges with the orbital sander, it will round them it quick. Don’t use a lot of down pressure until you get a feel for it. It will way through it pretty fast with 80 grit.


Yup, thanks. I can always just do the edges by hand.


Just try using your hand first. I was surprised at how easy it was, could be an orbital might be too much. But ya. Also what @Sender said. I have a cabellero deck, maybe 3” longer than the dingy, and I would defo not go any shorter. But it all depends on what you’re going for…

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I mean i’m basing my build on a commercially available eskate. Eskating.eu sells a premade electric dinghy, so im sure it’s a good ride. I can always just change the deck later if i don’t like it.

Orbital sand will work like @Sender and @mmaner said you will see the shine go away. Check the areas you have sanded with your hand. After you taken off all of the grit put a coat of clear coat so the tape isn’t on bare wood and you will be great to grip. But what do you want to use griptape instead of the frit and cover up the bamboo

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Yeah, I want to just use regular griptape after I’ve painter the board. I need the remove the transparent grip in the first place because I want to paint the whole board, sides included, not just the bottom.

You could remove the frit paint and then replace the frit

Well yeah but i think it will actually look better with standard black griptape.