HELP! im not sure what is wrong with my setup

Hi Guys, so i have motor - turnigy turnigy 5055 280kv lipo - 6s esc - quicrun obbywing QUICRUN-WP-8BL150 Waterproof 150A Brushless ESC For 1/8 RC Car Buggy

when i hit the remote - it only runs for 10seconds im not sure that it is the cofiguration of the eSC (its configure as the default paramaters check the video… any idea ?

Have you tried it with a standard 2.4ghz transmitter etc?

Looks like the wiiceiver is playing up.

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Try using your arrow keys on the BLDC tool. If doing so, does it run for longer?

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Hi guys! thanks for replaying…

whats the BLDC tool?

ive been trying with a different remote - a normal ghz 2.4 one it run faster but still stops after a few seconds…

Did you have try it with load? Bldc tool is for the VESC… But since ypu have another esc don’t pay attention to it.

Ugh my bad, thought you had a VESC esc. ignore my stupid ass. :stuck_out_tongue:

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try a regular rc remote. kama’s are known to have connection issues.

i tried a regular remote - im getting the same results - stops after a few seconds where canthe problem be? is it the ESC or the motor? or the remote?

haha no worries bro

what do you mean with load?

Weight on it

After looking a bit more at your video, it’s looking more like a failure of your esc… but I don’t really these esc…

Maybe this will, I think you need the esc before

Hi Johnny, thanks for your feedback your are right - its the same PDF i was looking at, the parameters are the same as in the PDF (Form 2)

i much prefer to use this esc - but if it dosent work i will have to get another ESC any recommendation for good ESC that fits high speed (im using 2 lipo in series

VESC . . . . Or currently I’m using this one until I can buy a VESC:

Although the brakes aren’t very good.

if it´s a esc issue get a well known one like the fvt 120a or the x-car beast 120a or 150a ( i´m riding one and this thing is really nice :slight_smile:

Thanks , but if the brakes arnt so bad maybe i should get something else im trying to under stand why my ESC (which have very similar features) is making th eproblems or not suitable compare to other ESC’s

thanks TarzanHBK, can you share a link to the ESC you have?

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thanks, but isisnt it the same as my ESC??