Help issue with raptor 2.1

Hello I have a raptor 2.1 and facing issue no impulse from the remote even fully charged and the impulse cut while riding … I almost died today… I contacted the support several times and no response …It’s very dangerous… I tried to calibrate the remote again no response from the remote … the remote is fully charged and show static green light… does any one can help me to fix my issue ?@enertion

You have 2 things you can try somewhat easily.

  1. hook up focbox to computer using usb cable, and download the Bldc Tool from Go to the ppm tab and see if you see data when you manipulate the throttle. You’ll have to do some searching and reading for specifics of how to do this. If you see no ppm data, it’s time to troubleshoot the remote.

  2. Buy this remote (usually known as the 2.4ghz mini remote here in the forum). It’s cheap, easy to get, and reliable.

Swap it in and see if the throttle/brake work. You’ll want to hook up the ppm cable to ch2 (ch1 is the steering wheel on the side of the handpiece).

If it works, you will still want to use Bldc Tool to calibrate the remote within vesc firmware.

We can help but you’ll need to learn up so we’re not teaching basics in addition to helping troubleshoot.

Good luck.

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