Help-Jolting Diy Esk8 project

Hello, I made a DIY esk8 project a couple of months ago and have been loving it. But recently there has been a problem. when riding, it will some times randomly jolt. It’s like the back wheel/wheels lock up for a fraction of a second. sometimes it’s small and unnoticeable but other times they can almost throw me off. Does anybody know what’s happening? and how do I fix it? Thanks!

here are the specs of the board

VESC:Dual FSESC4.20 Plus,

Dual 190 KV flypsky moters,

M-boards 12s lithium ion battery,

I have a flypsky remote ,

Sounds like your motor phase wires are shorting somewhere.

You’ll get a LOT more help on the active forum. This one is almost fully dead now. Forum esk8 news