Help Leiftech user : measurement needed

Hello everyone, I’m currently doing my own leiftech, with official leiftech parts but I’m gonna make some diy holder for the center wheels drive I need 3 measurements on the official casing, near the caster wheel

A scheme is better than words, i would need those measurements, for the metallic square, and the slipring pcb :

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Top to bottom:

-around 10mm (inner side is closer to 9.76, while the end side is 10)


-bottom is not like that.
I would say, knowing what you want to do, you should use 3.22mm at center, and 5.88mm at sides (board is not flat, that’s why). You’ll have to try different measures to get your part sitting flat on the board. Then you might have to increase the measures to get bigger rocker depending the wheels you’ll choose.

Good luck!

And don’t forget the inner ring: It is 2.85mm tall and 2.25 large and 39.39 outside diameter.