Help! Lightly burned battery!

Hey guys i’m soldering my balance leads to my battery and I accidentally spilled some solder off the side of the nickel strip (I suck at soldering) as shown in the picture. My dumb ass tried to fix it by putting the iron near it and a few sparks came out. Is this going to be an issue and if so how can I fix it?? Any input is appreciated

There are two options here. One involves the risk of serious injury and at the very least a destroyed battery pack. The other involves loosing two $5 Li-ion cell.

I know what I would do. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Replace those two cells with new once. And practice soldering on a nickelstrip before next attempt :wink:


The problem is that under the fish paper is the other Pole of the battery. You have shorted the right cell.

You can either take the middle cell out, insulate it again and reattach it or you can replace that cell. I assume that only the middle cell has solder on it. Please check every cell in detail!

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Yeah I’ll go ahead and replace those two cells. Thanks for the input guys.

I guess it is the other way round: on the right cell is the cold solder joint on plastic (so no breach through isolation) but on the left he hit it with the iron and you can already see the bare cell…thats where the sparks came from.

Well if you dont know what you are doing (and you dont, otherwise you would not ask) leave that damn cell and get a new one. If you finally short the cell permanently you can easily have a thermal runaway… you dont want to have that anywhere near your body, house or even in your yard…

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