Help me choose a motor [First time esk8 builder]

I’ve narrowed my motor options down to these two motors. Turnigy SK8 6374-192KV 4400W Sensored Brushless Motor (14P) and the Flipsky 6374 190Kv 3250W Brushless Sensored Motor I’ve got two 5000mah 5s 25c batteries in series, Which motor would you guys pick? Thanks

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maytech and torque boards have the best motors availible

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The sk8 is a very reliable well tested motor

The 6374 motor from flipsky has some problems but the 6354 was fine

Maytech and torqueboards both sell high quality motors

If you are looking for a reliable part then the sk8 will be fine

Alien power systems (aps) sells some more high quality motors if you are looking for a more powerful large motor

thanks for your help. I’m getting the sk8 because of how reliable it seems to be.

I’ve seen so many quality issues with motors coming from APS.