Help me choose flex for a Loaded Fattail DIY project!

I am in the middle of planning a build with the Loaded Fattail, combining it with a 10s5p kit from

I weigh approx. 155 lbs and the kit will weigh in at 14 lbs, making 169 lbs in total. There is currently a good offer going on for the Loaded Fattail Flex 1 in a local skateshop where I live in Norway, but beeing a regular vanguar-owner, I’m worried there’s gonna be barely any flex.

Hope someone have som good recommendations on this matter, and maybe a flex 2 will simply be to flexy for my setup?

That’s a big pack. Least flex is probably best to avoid bottoming out the pack enclosure or cracking it from the flexing.

I’d do flex 1 or 2. Be prepared to use tall risers if you go with more flex than that.

I’m doing a build using that same pack on a DB Coreflex. Went with the least flexy in hopes of avoiding overly high risers.

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I made up my mind and went with a flex 1 fattail, excited to try it out!

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