Help me choose parts for my board! Lots of Info inside


I’ve wanted to DIY an electric longboard for a really long time and now I want to start realise that desire. I will have access to both a CNC and a 3dprinter, which I intend to use to build enclosure and possibly other parts. However, I need help choosing individual parts such as specific motor model, belt, pulley and other electronics. I have read the very helpful guides and my understanding of how an electric longboard works is at the very least fundamental but I lack experience in selecting parts as well as what brands are the best. TL;DR at the end

The end goal: Is to make an electric longboard suited for street use that has a moderate top speed, is somewhat reliable and has a decent range. Realistically somewhere of a max speed around 40km/h, can endure some shitty weather and aybe around 15km range?

The budget is flexible. Meaning, that while i definitely don’t have unlimited funds I don’t want to limit myself and cheap out on parts but with that said I still want to build it low budget. As a max let’s say (375 euro). This includes trucks, battery, esc, motor, pulley and etc. It does NOT include Wheels as I already have Orangutang kegels and also the deck, since I’ll be making that myself.

  • I live in Sweden which implies that ordering parts outside of the EU will get hit with heavy additional taxes (25%) plus (relatively) insane handling fees if the packages goes through national shipping company. This means that I want to order as many parts from EU stores.

  • I would like to order everything if possible from from EU warehouses.

  • I already own the wheels I have Orange Kegel 80mm. I’ve seen people 3dprint a pulley for it and it seems like a good idea:

  • I already own most tools needed to realize this project but I don’t have a spot welder, therefore will buying an already made battery be more value?

  • I want a single motor setup.

  • Being able to brake is important.

  • I will 3dprint an enclosure.

  • I weigh 76kg but realistically when using the board I will be 80kg.

TL;DR : Help me pick a parts list from as few EU vendors as possible. The longboard should be able to go roughly 40km/h, be able to handle some light water splashes and have 15km range. I need this:

  • Motor

  • Trucks

  • Mechanical parts for belt drivetrain a. (Pulleys) & belts b. Motor Mount

  • ESC

  • Battery

  • Remote

Also please tell me if I’m being unrealistic about requirements or budget (or those two in relation to each other). Thank you for any help. There’s a lot of information on here… Just look for it… :slight_smile:


It’s the ever lasting struggle of buy it nice or buy it twice.

Flat out, the budget is unrealistic unless you want junk that will fail you quickly. A quality 10s battery in the 2p to 5p range will easily run you $150-400 usd.

The controller will be around $100. Search and find recommended ones with vesc compatibility. If you don’t know what vesc is, learn up!

Motor will be another ~$100.

Check out @dickyho mounts, they’re very reasonable.

Caliber trucks seem commonly used, check what the motor mount is compatible with.

Remote will run you $50-150 depending on quality and features.

There are many threads here that have lots of this info listed. Search the major terms I mentioned and then ask any questions after you have attained all the knowledges.

Good luck! :crossed_fingers:


Welcome. But your budget is very low for quality you want.

  • premium motor Maytech 6369 less than 200kv -budget motor KEDA 6364 190kv
  • Focbox or at least flipsky 4.12
  • remote mini trigger from eBay
  • trucks Caliber 2 or E-Caliber -drive train and battery depend on the vendor you choose from below

@e.board_solutions @fottaz @DavidBanner street wing

Or at least you could get

Remember you need safety: full face helmet from sickboards, Tsg knee pads, tsg elbow pads, armoured hoodie, etc. That’s at least 300 more…


Being nicer than me per usual :innocent:


Hi, Thanks for the upfront feedback @Grozniy and @venom121212
I’ll definitely take in to consideration, I know the buy it nice or buy it twice all to well when entering new hobbies. Maybe a more realistic approach would be to not include the trucks cost in the budget does that seem more feasible? The budget mention is only for parts mentioned I’ve separate budget for deckbuilding as well as safetygear, so no need to worry. As for the individual components.

This kit seems like a very good deal:

Which would be 290 USD for ESC, Battery, remote and enclosure. Then all I would need to be is purchase motor, with its pulley, as well as belt and motor mount. I’ll check out dickyho for sure. I don’t need the best electric longboard there is, not even close. I probably don’t even want to go extreme speeds on it considering the risk. As of right now I just want a board that I can commute with to an extent as well as have fun with.

Using the ND calculator With 15km flat travel 5km incline (10%) at speed 40km/h then that would lead me to needing a 9664mAh battery which the one I linked to is?

Thanks for the help guys.

Nope. Don’t buy from diyeboard… their qc is crap and they published customer informations… :slight_smile:


That’s a bummer, you got personal experience with them or is it just commonly known on the forum.

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It’s commonly known… Crappy quality… and so on… They just aren’t trustworthy…:slight_smile:


Ok, definitely avoid them for sure. Read the other posts now, yikes. As I said in original post

“I lack experience in selecting parts as well as what brands are the best.”

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No problem. You can always use the search function if you are unsure. There’s a lot of useful stuff on here… :slight_smile:

Please avoid that kit, they released all bank info of people that bought from them. So don’t buy it.

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Maytech has quality motors

Also used stuff pops up often at good prices. That’s probably the best way to build a quality ride at a reduced price. After you have a rough idea what you’re looking for you should post a WTB thread and keep an eye on the marketplace.


Replace Ebay esc with flipsky 4.12 Maybe get a mount from @Boardnamics if you can’t find something more local. Find battery appropriate for the range you desire. *you already have wheels so ignore the abec part. A slightly lower kv motor will provide better brakes btw 150-170kv


The part I’m most confused about is the ESC. I don’t need the best alien-grade technology we have. Is this one sufficient: ???

I suppose this is the motor mount you mentioned:

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Yep that’s a 4.12 by maytech

This would work too


No those are @dickyho mounts. Good and affordable just like @Boardnamics mounts

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Ok guys, this is great: just the kind of help I wanted. I’m still unsure on what gear ratio I should go with. So far we’ve got:

total cost (as of now): 360 USD

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Don’t forget that LiPo’s need a special charger (having no BMS is cheaper).