Help me defend this esk8ter

I’m really sad how all these people just jumped into the hate-agaisnt-esk8s on this Facebook post.

We should all start writing the OP with our point of view, his passive-aggressive attitude is frankly irritating.

Let’s turn this thing around


I cant see it

The link seems to be broken? Here you go

Sweet jesus why do these singaporians go so fucking apeshit when they see a white dude on a skateboard?


Yeah I just saw the comments dude there acting like electric skateboards are like something that hasn’t bin around or something Note:I wrote a comment defending him he did nothing wrong in my eyes environmental friendly and no gas usage just someone trying to commute somewhere


We should all write something down to his post. We should allow hate against esk8 and skaters, not in these times

As to “defending him” he wont even read this and I am 100% sure youre not gonna change these animals’ attitude by starting a shitposting battle.

Yes, but staying quiet just don’t make any difference either

Ya guys stir the pot too much on this the poor dude may get drug out in public and beat with a Cain. That’s how they roll in Singapore, ask the guy with the spray can of paint…

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I get people beep at me all the time waving me to get off the road lol I take up no more room than a bicycle does! Normally i just smile and wave back!! I had one dangerous encounter though,3 blokes in a car right up behind me revving his engine,I was hand signalling to turn right and he decided to overtake me just as I was about to!! I went fuckin mad! Was fuming! Could have run me over!

Times like these when I really need a paint filled balloon ready.

These people are bastards, not fair play

not sure if these offenses carry the same weight.

Fay was a repeat vandal and completely unapologetic until the media spotlight. not saying caning at any point is an acceptable form of punishment but the guy was also a giant dickhead.


Care to elaborate?

which part?

I remember as a child hearing about this, just google Michael Fay or singapore caning.

If a car honks at me for no reason, like while we are both standing at a red light, I find its the perfect time for a cigarette break, get off my board and just stand there for the next couple light changes. Either he backs up and goes another way or just sits waiting like a tool :wink:

Never going to Singapore seems like its full of raceist.

It’s a country full of racists. Asian are among the most raceist people around and no one call them on it.

Endangering someone’s life because you think they don’t have a right to be there is pathetic! Shit me up,if they would have stopped my black belt karate days would have come rushing back to me!