Help me figure out my options for building a board with 12s4p

Hello! New here. I will soon have a spare carbon Meepo Hurricane deck, Meepo Hurricane Battery (12s4p) and a charging port (metal enclosure fitting the deck with a switch and charging port). I am from Europe and am wondering how much different tiers of builds would cost, roughly, so that I can decide whether to build something.

I own an Exway X1 PRO and a Meepo Hurricane.

My idea is to perhaps build it using Ownboard W2 parts (Ownboard W2 PRO (38”) - Dual Belt Electric Skateboard with 105mm Cloud – ownboard). The company told be they can send only the parts I would need. I saw someone else on this forum using Backfire G2 hub motor parts as well, I assume that company would also be willing to send parts. I assume this is the cheapest option I have, doing DIY? What about the quality of these parts? Such a build would probably be used by my girlfriend or friends to ride with me, since the Hurricane is better for riding hard and the X1 the best for commuting.

Alternatively I could sell the Hurricane and build a better performing board, but what price points are we talking here? I paid 1300eur for the Hurricane. (I’d need to buy a charger as well, going this route)

What would you guys build if you had this deck and battery laying around? What are my cheapest build options? How much would a step up from the Hurricane cost me (better stability, higher top speed)?

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Hello @superjet700, welcome to the ESK8 forum. I’m still fairly new here so I’ll let the more experienced riders give some advice.