Help me making my DIY Budget-Board more powerful

Hey everyone, I just finished my first DIY Budget-Board. But I am missing a little power, especially uphill. Can you help me findig the bottle-neck in my setup or the first thing you would upgrade that would have the most impact? It runs about 12mph / 20kmh

Here is the list:


  • Dual Hub 2 x 600W
  • max. 2500 RPM


  • max. 430W
  • current 12A
  • max. 3000 RPM


  • 10S2P (36V)
  • 7Ah
  • 15 Amp Discharge
  • Rated Power 450W

Here are some pictures for the ones that are interested :slight_smile:

Looking forward to your suggestions. Kind Regards

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Yeah I agree get drunk then it will probably seem much more of an exciting ride.



Probably not that helpful, but my suggestion is to leave it and enjoy it for what it is.

If you want something more powerful, upgrading it slowly piece by piece doesn’t seem like the best approach.

Keep it. Ride it. (Try to) Enjoy it.


Build something else with parts that can handle and deliver some power…?

Hey @Rosco I guess you would have been totally right.

Funny enough, I just was watching DIY e-skate youtube videos when I saw one guy having the same ESC as I have and accidentally switched the different power modes by clicking the power button on the remote fast twice. Turns out that I have been running on level 1 out of 4 all the time. So of course just went outside and tried out level 4. Daaaamn it rips now :joy: I really have to lean forward hard to not get thrown of when accelerating and top speed now is 26mph / 42kmh So plenty for me. Actually driving in level 3 because the accelerating is to crazy for me.

Thank you all very much anyway!


Good to hear mate. Enjoy :call_me_hand:


Gotta be some kind of record for a thread.


File that one under “stories I don’t tell my mates” Enjoy!

@Dylish Haha nah, as you surely know most of the chinese stuff doesn‘t come with any sort of manual :stuck_out_tongue: and I actually like the story! :smiley: :rofl:

Welcome to the forum. Do you know anyone who rides a onewheel regularly goofy?