Help me please I’m new

Need help and advice. My first build ever, I bought a kit from, now I’m starting to have regrets in doing so. I purchased their mechanical kit which I upgraded getting their 110 wheels and dual motors. The first issue:

  1. The kit was incomplete missing the bracket for the dual motor setup. Messaged them about that issue “they said the bracket is discontinued and they will refund me $15” I asked: is the bracket necessary for helping support the motor mounts. DIY: no the new motor mounts are good enough that it doesn’t need the bracket. My question is to you guys is that true or are the blowing smoke up my ass.

My second issue is that I upgraded the wheels to their 110 since I’m a heavy set guy thought maybe the big wheels would be good for me. But none of the hole matches up to the pulley system. Can anyone give some advice on that please

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Post a picture of the kit. They have 2.

My hub has six holes

I meant like the actual kit you ordered laying in front of you…

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Interesting. Someone must’ve been having a bad day in the shipping department.

I know some people have had to drill out the pulley ring. (They outside ring) and yes the new style clamps and mounts are good. No support needed

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Thanks so drill out the pulley ring?

Yea man. It’ll work.

if it doesn’t work and I’ve led you astray lemme know and I will send you a set that works.

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What are you doing for enclosure and battery?

Do I need to do that to the wheel hub too or no

For the enclosure I am getting it 3D printed :crossed_fingers: hoping it will be good. And I am carbon fiber skinning the board to strengthen it. Since I’m I’m a heavy guy


Just the ring for now.

So my progress so far on my first build. And any advice how to get space between the motor

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My bad this is what it looks like so far my carbon wrapping is crapp​:joy::joy:

iff you have enough space on your axle you could maybe place some spacers between your wheels (bearings) and the hanger. this would move out the wheels slightly meaning you should be able to move the motor pulleys and mounts a little. this might be enough to create the space you need for your motors.

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Double spacers on the axle

did it work?

Looks like you have plenty of space. Tighten the wheel pulley up. Then and a spacer on the axel. Move the mounts out. Should be good