Help me program my vesc!

This is my first time programming my VESC and I dont want to mess anything up so I am in need of some assistance. As soon as I turn on my board my motor constantly runs at full speed without me doing anything, so does that mean I have to hold the break the whole time I program my VESC?

I am also oblivious as to what I change the settings to. I have a 190kv 6355 motor, two 5000mA batteries in series, ESC VESC BLDC. I am looking for someone to guide me on how to program this correctly, thank you.

Did you plug in your ppm reciever when you fired up the vesc? Could be the bad transmitter trimming. If you are using bldc tool, you can temporarily disabled the motor by: go to ppm settings, read configuration, select “disabled” at the top, and click save. You can find good vesc configuration tutorials by diyelectricskateboard on yt.